Attn: Austin, Could Your Property be a Goldmine for SXSW Visitors?

By Ashley Halligan, managing editor at a local consulting firm

With South by Southwest less than two months away, sites like Airbnb are exploding with local rentals, both in and around Austin, for the impending influx of people that’s nearing. In fact, a search for properties for the dates of 3/9/13 to 3/18/2012 yielded nearly 1,100 possibilities ranging from entire houses, dorm rooms, campers and RVs, single rooms, sofas, cabins, and even a tipi. The range of possibilities makes up for what’s perhaps considered a shortage of hotel space for out-of-town festival goers. Meanwhile, locals have the opportunity to earn a significant chunk of money–if they’re willing to rent their space, or at least, part of their space. Read more HERE on Influential Magazine.