Lyrical Art: The Best Of Both Worlds; Art and Music Meet to Benefit One World Theatre

We are pleased to offer a special pricing for this event, thanks to our generous sponsors. Hopefully, more of you will be able to attend this wonderful event for the Outreach Program at One World theatre. Sunday, November 23, 2014 4:00pm-8:00pm at Gallery 702.

Join Us for Cocktails, H’ordeuvres, and a Magical Night Full of Art and Music. TICKETS: $20 suggested donation. LIVE MUSIC BY: Courtney Sanchez, Reed Turner, Luis Banuelos, and Sherah Sleeper. ARTISTS: Gil Bruvel, Joseph Adolphe, George Krause, D.K Richardson, Bobbi Bennett, Geoffrey Laurence, Joyce Dibona, ELISABETTA FANTONE and Winn Wittman.
(Gil Bruvel, George Krause D.K Richardson, and Bobbi Bennet will be in attendance.)

OTHER LOCAL ARTISTS: Laura Charlotte Dray, Gray Hawn, Linda Dumont, Hallie Eubanks, and Fabian Lainez and Deborah Argryopoulos will also be in attendance.

Prizes / Silent Auction, and Many More Surprises.


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Wormwide Products Introduces ‘The Original Worm’ Massaging Body Roller

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Wormwide Products Introduces ‘The Original Worm’ Massaging Body Roller

Revolutionary new compact massage tool for physical and sports therapists, chiropractors and active lifestyle enthusiasts that promotes the release and revitalization of stiff, sore muscles.

September 16, 2014 ―Austin, TX―Wormwide Products LLC, an Austin-based startup,  introduces The Original Worm, an innovative massaging body roller designed to soothe and revitalize stiff, sore muscles. The massager is ideal for fitness and training professionals, physical and sport therapists, chiropractors and those with active lifestyle, as well as anyone experiencing muscle discomfort. The unique design effectively yields to the body’s contours and relieves muscle tension.

 The versatile massager features four high-density rubber balls encased in a heavy duty, flexible neoprene jacket giving it an elongated, worm-like look. The massager is available in hot pink or black and comes in two sizes, the smaller version weighing 14 oz. and measuring 9.5” in length and the larger version weighing 18 oz. and measuring 10.5” in length. The Original Worm is designed to replace antiquated foam and stick rollers, and is conveniently portable, fitting almost anywhere ─ from a purse to a gym bag, to carry-on luggage.

“I love this product!” says Gilbert Tuhabonye of Gilbert’s Gazelles, “I found The Worm to be a must have tool for runners & athletes. Especially for those that have to drive after long, hard workout.”

The Original Worm is available online on Amazon and the product website, It can also be found at select Austin,TX retailers, such as Austin International Airport, Yoga Yoga, Rogue Running, Jack & Adam’s, Wanderlust Yoga, Myo Massage, Austin Sports Therapy, Zygmont Chiropractic and Hill Country Massage.


About Wormwide

Wormwide Products LLC is an Austin based startup featuring it’s debut product, The Original Worm. Specializing in high quality products that promote muscle recovery, flexibility and injury prevention, Wormwide aims to provide simple, effective therapy aids to make a lot of people feel a lot better.

For press inquiries, photographs or interviews with Karen Atkins please contact Tori Tinnon with Social Communications PR: or 512.659.6328

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Gourdough’s and Gourdough’s Public House Release Their Secret Donut Menu

It’s National Donut Day and Gourdough’s and Gourdough’s Public House will not disappoint. They released a SECRET donut menu on facebook HERE. What’s more, the restaurant/trailer will also feature the Sin-A-Bomb doughnut, made with melted cinnamon butter, sugar and cream cheese icing on special for only $2 all day.

Read more here about all the donut hot spots celebrating this deliscious day on CultureMap by Layne Lynch


Gourdough’s Public House Releases New $7.99 Lunch Menu

For immediate release: (Austin, TX) – The home of Austin’s most famous donut, Gourdough’s Public House is proud to release a new menu and a list of daily specials that are aimed at putting a focus on the midday meal. Their offerings feature lighter executions of their indulgent dishes, such as the Dirty Bird and their legendary burger, which is presented at half the size. In addition to smaller portions that are more reasonable for the scheduling demands of today’s professional, Gourdough’s Public House now serves a more classic lunch of soup and salad.

Still maintaining their claim to fame in the lunch offerings, the restaurant adds daily weekday specials that are selected from the more popular items on the full menu. With a fixed price of $7.99 for the lunch menu and weekday specials, the new focus promises to satisfy the midday hunger of Austinites, as well as their craving for something unique, creative and different than the typical lunch.

About Gourdough’s Public House
Gourdough’s began as the donut trailer dream of Paula Samford and Ryan Palmer on South Lamar, frequented by folks craving funky donuts with unexpected ingredient combinations. The trailer did so well (and was even loved by the Travel Channel’s infamous Anthony Bourdain) that they opened a brick-and-
mortar version of their donut haven last Halloween–Gourdough’s Public House–featuring its beloved donuts, but also incorporating full-on donut-infused entrees and specialty cocktails. Like its historic public house predecessors, Gourdough’s Public House strives to connect its patrons in the spirit of funk-laced starch, local brews and plenty of booze. Salty, savory, or sweet, the Public House celebrates the delightful taste of sin.

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Press Release | Watching Out For Eating Disorders

San Antonio, Texas (March 19, 2013) – With the arrival of spring, everyone in Texas is acutely aware that summer is just around the corner. Summer’s arrival brings with it the warmer temperatures, the longer days and the desire to spend time near the water. As winter doldrums are shed, many also long to shed the pounds accumulated after a holiday season of decadent food and days away from their routines. Since beach-bound days are coming, men and women alike are anxious to get into beach-body shape.

Because of this desire, summer can also present a darker side. It is important to be mindful of changes in the appearance or habits that we or our loved ones employ in the pursuit of summer a coveted ideal.

To help identify when the quest for beach-readiness has revealed such disorders, Brad Kennington, LMFT, LPC Executive Director, COO of Cedar Springs Austin ( – a day hospital focusing on providing specialized and intimate care for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia or related eating disorders – provides some insight on how to be aware. While eating disorder diagnosis isn’t to be undertaken by a non-professional, Kennington offers some thoughts and tips to keep in mind. “To truly ascertain if someone is struggling with an eating disorder, they need to be assessed by a clinician who understands eating disorders,” he says, reaffirming this fact.

“However, there are warning signs that may signal someone is struggling with potentially dangerous eating behaviors.  Skipping meals, excessive dieting and exercising, eating larger than normal amounts of food and going to the restroom soon after a meal, weighing oneself or body checking multiple times a day could all be red flags that a problem, if not already present, could certainly be developing.  And these behaviors, to the surprise of many, are prevalent in boys and men.  Research shows that 25% of anorexics and bulimics and 40% of binge eaters are male,” Kennington offers.

And, while identifying these warning signs and taking action based on observation may be a daunting undertaking, Kennington implores action, stating, “It is important to not be silent if you think your loved-one may have an eating disorder.”

“Silence feeds the eating disorder,” he continues. “Instead, engage your loved-one and let them know in a non-judging way that you are concerned and you care about them and you want them to get the help they need.” Even with this counsel, it is still of utmost importance that compassionate, intimate treatment be sought for those ailing with an eating disorder. Summer brings with it a great many things, but the quest to enjoy it should never bring poor or life-threatening health.


For questions or to schedule an interview with Brad Kennington, please contact Tori at SOCIAL Communications, 512.659.6328 or