New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Brunch at Mulberry

Mulberry brunch collage

You’re invited to celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Brunch at Mulberry. Let the cozy, intimate atmosphere at Mulberry be the backdrop for your very special New Year’s Eve celebration. Please join us for a five-course dinner or our late night NYE bash. Two options available on eventbrite. Buy Tickets online HERE for New Year’s Eve.


Gourdough’s and Gourdough’s Public House Release Their Secret Donut Menu

It’s National Donut Day and Gourdough’s and Gourdough’s Public House will not disappoint. They released a SECRET donut menu on facebook HERE. What’s more, the restaurant/trailer will also feature the Sin-A-Bomb doughnut, made with melted cinnamon butter, sugar and cream cheese icing on special for only $2 all day.

Read more here about all the donut hot spots celebrating this deliscious day on CultureMap by Layne Lynch


Spectacle Eye Design Featured in Influential Magazine

IN Cover copyMaking a SPECTACLE of Themselves

Welcome Spectacle Eye Design! The new boutique at 4800 Burnet Road finally brings optical haute couture to Austin, offering the high fashion boutique experience to those who are in the market for eyewear that is as eye-catching as it is beneficial. Fall into fashion with eyewear from designers like Frieze Frame, Ray Ban, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Vera Wang.

See the piece here.

Join us for the Christian Dior + Kate Spade Trunk Show at Spectacle Eye Design to view the latest frames from the two designers on Thursday, October 10. Light food and wine will be served. Spectacle Eye Design will also be donating $5 for every exam and $5 for every frame sold to the World Sight Day Challenge. Those who buy a complete pair of glasses will enjoy a 20% off discount.

RSVP to the event on Facebook here.

World Sight Day Challenge: Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people who are needlessly blind or vision impaired simply because they do not have access to an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

IN Spectacle copy


Hausman Chiropractic & Acupuncture Featured in NSIDE Texas MD

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 7.43.33 PMA Wellness Care Destination

Dr. Robert W. Hausman uses the “whole person approach” to help his patients live happy, healthy and pain-free lives at Hausman Chiropractic & Acupuncture.

Dr. Robert W. Hausman has a unique approach when dealing with his patients – an approach that seems to be gaining momentum throughout the country. And with good reason, as modern medicine appears to be centered on “sickness care” instead of what Hausman believes should be called “wellness care.”

“I am happy to be part of a health profession that seeks to find and fix the cause of a patient’s pain or condition,” Hausman said, “and then aims to prevent future problems without the use of drugs, chemicals or surgery.” Being very passionate about chiropractic and spinal adjustments, Hausman promotes this as the primary treatment modality at his practice.

Read more HERE.


CyberTex Institute of Technology Featured in NSIDE Texas Business

Cyber copyMan on a Mission

Seasoned businessman Iqbal Sheikh helps students excel both in the classroom and in the workforce at CyberTex Institute of Technology.

Austin is known as the epicenter of the IT industry in the Southwest. CyberTex Institute of Technology (CIT) founder and CEO Iqbal Sheikh had the foresight to plan for this enormous growth in 1999. Sheikh is a Pakistani-American businessman who has more than 45 years of business experience in economic and technical fields. With his intuition and business acumen, Sheikh founded CIT and made his children managers and his first instructors.

As an instrumental figure in the creation of the Charlie Wilson Chair in Pakistan Studies at the University of Texas, Sheikh is also an advisory council member of Texans for Stem Cell Research. This entrepreneur has gone places, and he is still going strong.

Read more HERE.


Brad Kennington on the July 2013 Cover of Austin MD Magazine

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.52.01 PM

No Body Is Perfect: Understanding Eating Disorders

As the Texas legislature evaluates a bill classifying eating disorders as a mental health disease and therefore mandating insurance coverage, advocates call for a better understanding of eating disorders.

Several terms are used to diagnose eating orders. Any form of psychological instability expressed as an abusive eating habit can be labeled as an eating disorder. Others define the illness as eating or fitness habits disruptive enough to hinder one’s quality of life. Doctors will diagnose patients who show more defined symptoms with one of three terms: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. However, another term, “Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified”, is used to diagnose the many indefinite symptoms of eating disorders.

Defining what an eating disorder is not, on the other hand, is a little easier.

Read more HERE.


Share featured in Austin Lifestyle Magazine

The Retail Therapy Cure for Global Buyer’s Remorse

There’s a certain sense of pride that comes from living in the land of opportunity, invention and creation.  From the car to the computer, the skateboard to the stereo – they all originated here first.  As for where each of those items is produced these days … now that’s something different altogether.  It’s practically impossible to get through a news cycle that doesn’t include a story related to a slew of jobs and/or major manufacturing moving overseas.  But heck, half of us drive Japanese cars that are assembled in Mexico and the majority of us chat on phones made in China. It’s enough to give a girl a bad case of the red, white and serious blues.  Thankfully, this is one time when a little retail therapy truly IS the answer.

OHSAY USA is an online marketplace that exclusively sells products manufactured in the United States. Founders Sherry Holdridge and Vanessa Morgan opened their virtual doors last summer in an effort to create a centralized location to offer Made in the USA goods at honest prices.  And the site, filled with retro favorites and quality custom items, is a hit.

“There is certainly no shortage of fantastic products made close to home,” explains Holdridge.  “Our goal is to increase demand, awareness and ultimately create more manufacturing jobs across the nation.  Then, as the company gains traction, we add more jobs locally in Austin as well.”

Read more online HERE




Uncle Sam wants YOU — to shop!  We’ve recently discovered a new website that supports a cause we fully believe in — patriotic retail therapy! OHSAY USA is an Austin-based online retailer that exclusively sells good and products manufactured in the United States. The company was started last summer by UT-grad Sherry Holdridge and Vanessa Warren in an effort to support job creation and environmental sustainability. The site is packed with high quality retro favorites and must-have modern creations – jewelry, tools, apparel and unique gifts. Read more here on Austin Fashion Week

Photography by Carlos Salazar



Fab is the new black Glamour Guide: Valentine’s Day Featuring Young & Fabulous

It’s time to celebrate love! Valentine’s Day is often viewed as a beloved holiday for couples or an unfortunate reminder for singles, but I think it’s a perfect opportunity to show ALL your loved ones that you care! This year, try something new, like a picnic with your girlfriends or a casual dinner date with your honey. View more on Fab is the New Black 

Photography: Fab is the New Black


Event Slice on KXAN

If you’ve ever tried to plan an event you know the countless hours you have to spend on numerous websites looking for the perfect Venue. Once you find the venue, then you begin the search for a Bakery, Caterer, Florist, DJ, Event Planner, Decorator, Photographer or anything else needed to make your event extraordinary.

EventSlice to make sit easier to plan any type of event. Whether it’s a Birthday Party, a Graduation, Baby shower, Special event or a Wedding, EventSlice is a one stop hub that brings everything you need and makes it easy to plan your event. Venues & Event Professional Services all on in one place. Watch the clip here



Fawn + Raven’s Kim Sierra Talks Spring 2013 Fashion


Fawn + Raven, one of Austin’s chic boutiques on the cutting edge of fashion, is getting ready for the Spring 2013 season in Austin. Owner, Kim Sierra gives us glimpses of what we have to look forward to when updating our wardrobe mix.While certain fashion favorites will still be styling the streets of Austin, new silhouettes are on the horizon.

Read More HERE on Examiner (by Jody Marmel)



Letting Go by Brad Kennington in Influential Magazine’s Jan/Feb Issue

Brad Kennington, executive director of Cedar Springs Austin, says when it comes to relationships, endings can mean new beginnings.  Read the article.


Attn: Austin, Could Your Property be a Goldmine for SXSW Visitors?

By Ashley Halligan, managing editor at a local consulting firm

With South by Southwest less than two months away, sites like Airbnb are exploding with local rentals, both in and around Austin, for the impending influx of people that’s nearing. In fact, a search for properties for the dates of 3/9/13 to 3/18/2012 yielded nearly 1,100 possibilities ranging from entire houses, dorm rooms, campers and RVs, single rooms, sofas, cabins, and even a tipi. The range of possibilities makes up for what’s perhaps considered a shortage of hotel space for out-of-town festival goers. Meanwhile, locals have the opportunity to earn a significant chunk of money–if they’re willing to rent their space, or at least, part of their space. Read more HERE on Influential Magazine.


Dolce Blu Grand Opening, August 23


Dolce Blu celebrated in style last night at their new location at the Domain. Blue was the color of choice and sisters, Natalie and Nichole Varner were gleaming with pride. The lashy celebration featured appetizers by The Range, cocktails by Deep Eddy Vodka, wine by One Hope Wine, cupcakes by The Cupcake Bar, music by Culinary DJ and 50 goodie bags. View all of the Dolce Blu images HERE
Photography by Brittany Dawson

Austin-based eBoutique

Fashionistas rejoice!  Austin-based eBoutique offers a collection of boho glam, downtown chic and collectible vintage styles. Online look books bring pieces together and offer visual mix-and-match inspiration.’s stylish pieces range from $200 and under, making statement pieces more accessible than ever.  View more online


If you were a fan of Mizu before, you will looooove it now

Way out West Austin If you were a fan of Mizu before, you will looooove it now. A recent bar fire gave them an opportunity to remodel, opening the place up and making it a little lighter and brighter. The same stellar view is in place, so that just leaves the question of how is the food? Ethereal is the short answer; get ready for the long. We were invited for a special re-opening dinner to check out the new menu; it delivers and then some. Above, sparkling tuna tartare alongside juicy-crisp watermelon and tart slices of tomatillo. Read More…




Social Communications: A unique firm for a unique town

In the past two decades, everything has shifted. Gone are the days when the evening news was the most current source of information and newspapers and the Yellow Pages were the most reliable ways to find businesses.

Without a doubt, marketing has changed in response to the new dynamic. Save for face-to-face interaction, most traditional methods have been reduced, if not abandoned. Few can recall the last time they had a door hanger or were visited by a salesperson. Read more online HERE

Photography by Norah Levine


Take a peek at Domain Parkside and “like” their page for all of the updates & events coming in AUG/SEPT 2012. Amazing design and a gorgeous 9 acre public park area. Stay up to date on facebook here!



Synergy Plastic Surgery to try new way of enhancing breasts

Watch the Video on YNN News HERE


Fawn + Raven Featured On Austin Fashion Week

Austin Fashion Week spent some time with Fawn + Raven owner Kim Sierra to discuss summer fashion. Austin Fashion Week also talks about this fabulous boutique located off of 35th Street and invites everyone to the Collective Summer Soiree at Olive & June that will be featuring Fawn + Raven and Bell & Bird on June 20. Read more online

Kim Sierra, Owner of Fawn + Raven. Photo Credit: Jai Mayhew


Misty Evans & Mark Kalen Featured In Austin Fusion Magazine

Austin Fusion Magazine recently featured the two very talented designers, Misty Evans and Mark Kalen, in their article about some of the best independent fashion artisans here in Austin.

The article discusses how Misty got into designing jewelry and the many places her work has been featured, including Vogue Italia and HGTV. Next, the article features an exclusive Q & A with Mark Kalen that explores topics like his inspirations and how he, too, got into  the world of jewelry designing.

What a fabulous feature for two stars in the Austin Fashion Scene!


Edge Boutique featured in Austin Monthly

Stop by Edge Boutique to view their Summer Collections. 411 Brazos Street, Austin



Mark Kalen featured in The Austin Statesman

Read More Online…


Mark Kalen featured on THRILLIST

Mark Kalen started out making beautiful custom parts that motorcycles didn’t need, but certainly wanted — and now he’s doing the same for the two-wheeler that is you, with a line of mewelry that pays homage to his biker beginnings with stainless materials and designs such as tire tread patterns, allowing you to say “Tread on me!” without upsetting Metallica’s sense of patriotism. Read more online…


FAWN + RAVEN featured in NSIDE Magazine

At once demure and daring, FAWN + RAVEN features well-crafted pieces with beautiful silhouettes thanks to the brilliant creative eye of owner Kim Sierra.


Photography: Jai Mayhew

Inspired by the “perspective of something beautiful – both different and unexpected,” Kim Sierra aims to unify delicate, feminine pieces with edgy sophistication to create an on-point and cohesive look at FAWN + RAVEN.

Read more online…


Edge Boutique featured in REAL Magazine

Edge boutique featured in Real Austin Magazine. These shot glasses are so unique & clever. Great gift ideas for that special man in your life! Read more online now