Nside Business Magazine sits down with Justin Brown of Wilhelmina Brown Modeling

Talking with CEO Justin Brown of Wilhelmina Brown Modeling Agency in Austin, NSIDE takes an exciting

journey into the world of Texas talent. Who will be the next top model locally? Nationally? In search

of new faces to champion and promote into potential stardom, “The Texas Model Search”, a call to

all aspiring models in the state of Texas, continues the agency’s search for a select few models to

potentially join the ranks of its agency, as well as have a chance to make an impression with parent

agency, Wilhelmina Models, Inc. Wilhelmina Models, Inc. has represented such celebrity clients as

Kendall Jenner, Tyra Banks, Nicole Scherzinger and Britney Spears, along with a list of runway and

print catalogue models throughout the United States. The winner of the search will enjoy the full

representation of Wilhelmina Brown and the chance to go as far as their beauty and talent can take

them. Read more online HERE