Wormwide Products Introduces ‘The Original Worm’ Massaging Body Roller

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Wormwide Products Introduces ‘The Original Worm’ Massaging Body Roller

Revolutionary new compact massage tool for physical and sports therapists, chiropractors and active lifestyle enthusiasts that promotes the release and revitalization of stiff, sore muscles.

September 16, 2014 ―Austin, TX―Wormwide Products LLC, an Austin-based startup,  introduces The Original Worm, an innovative massaging body roller designed to soothe and revitalize stiff, sore muscles. The massager is ideal for fitness and training professionals, physical and sport therapists, chiropractors and those with active lifestyle, as well as anyone experiencing muscle discomfort. The unique design effectively yields to the body’s contours and relieves muscle tension.

 The versatile massager features four high-density rubber balls encased in a heavy duty, flexible neoprene jacket giving it an elongated, worm-like look. The massager is available in hot pink or black and comes in two sizes, the smaller version weighing 14 oz. and measuring 9.5” in length and the larger version weighing 18 oz. and measuring 10.5” in length. The Original Worm is designed to replace antiquated foam and stick rollers, and is conveniently portable, fitting almost anywhere ─ from a purse to a gym bag, to carry-on luggage.

“I love this product!” says Gilbert Tuhabonye of Gilbert’s Gazelles, “I found The Worm to be a must have tool for runners & athletes. Especially for those that have to drive after long, hard workout.”

The Original Worm is available online on Amazon and the product website, www.theoriginalworm.com. It can also be found at select Austin,TX retailers, such as Austin International Airport, Yoga Yoga, Rogue Running, Jack & Adam’s, Wanderlust Yoga, Myo Massage, Austin Sports Therapy, Zygmont Chiropractic and Hill Country Massage.


About Wormwide

Wormwide Products LLC is an Austin based startup featuring it’s debut product, The Original Worm. Specializing in high quality products that promote muscle recovery, flexibility and injury prevention, Wormwide aims to provide simple, effective therapy aids to make a lot of people feel a lot better.

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